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We offer a multitude of services that are tailored to your needs including but not limited to community needs assessments, program planning, and program evaluation. 

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Program Planning

The process by which a program is conceived and brought to fruition. Program planning involves multiple steps including the identification of a problem, selection of desired outcomes, assessment of available resources, implementation, and evaluation of the program​

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Program Evaluation

A systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using data to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and, as importantly, to contribute to continuous program improvement.​

Data Analysis & Reporting

Have data that you need analyzed and synthesized? Let us do that for you! Data is the foundation of your program. It determines your outcomes and justifies your means. For community program, it shares the story of those you seek to assist and provides the context for the "why" of your organization. All we need is the data and let's allow the data to tell us your story. 

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