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"Imagination is the bridge that connects a child's dreams to the real world, and it is up to us as adults to help them cross that bridge." - Barack Obama

The Little Black Collection

The Little Black Collection is a series of children's books created to spark discussion within families regarding social justice and social change. In addition, the Little Black Collection also includes books surrounding children of color featuring engaging stories, colorful illustrations, and age-appropriate language that help children develop their literacy skills and spark their imaginations. 

Dear Black Boy

Dear Black Boy is primarily a book for parents, caregivers, and trusted adults to begin a conversation surrounding race in America with their children (ages 10 and older). Although this book was not specifically written for children, it is our hope that the content in this book will create conversation between parents and their children, as well as community leaders and the communities they serve, in an effort to promote healing that has been caused by generations of racial trauma.

Dear Black Girl
(Coming Soon)

Dear Black Girl was written as a poem, titled Little Black Girl, for young black girls ages 10 and older to address the issues of racism and sexism. The goal of the book is to create conversation between parents and caregivers and their children to begin a conversation regarding racism and sexism surrounding black girls growing up and living in America. Although black girls experience inequality for both race and gender, they are often ignored by social justice movements. The goal of this book is to give a voice to the young black girl struggle in an effort to provide healing from generations of racial, sexist, and misogynistic stereotypes.  

Dear Black Girl - 2023.JPG

Santa I Believe In You!

Santa, I Believe In You follows a lovable little girl who dares to dream if Santa Claus is real. This book is for every little girl and every little boy who dares to still believe in Santa Claus. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? If so, this book is for you!

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