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Langley Research & Consulting

We Educate

We seek to educate the community regarding the many social, behavioral, and

economic assets and barriers that exist that may be preventing or assisting community growth,

empowerment, and healthy lifestyles.


As we educate the community and its leaders, we seek to make an impact on those

who live within the community in order to improve the health and well-being of those we serve.

We Impact

We Inspire

Ultimately, through education and impact, we seek to inspire the community to

reimagine our city and community in a way that promotes positive social change in the

environment where people are born, live, work, play, worship and age.


We offer a multitude of services that are tailored to your needs including but not limited to

community needs assessments, program planning, and program evaluation.

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Data Analysis and Reporting

Speaking Engagements

Program Planning & Evaluation


Recent Projects

Dear Black Boy

Dear Black Boy is primarily a book for parents, caregivers, and trusted adults to begin a

conversation surrounding race in America with their children.

Link to the website:

Let's Work Together!

Langley Research & Consulting aims to empower the community to participate in and utilize social and behavioral research and evaluation in order to create and foster healthy communities. 


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